FAQs of Boyds Events

Do you travel to other cities?

Yes, we have traveled from Lubbock to San Antonio!

Do we talk to our DJ when we go in for our meetings?

No, you will talk to Reed Boyd, the owner of our company. He’s been in the wedding & event industry for 15 years! Your DJ will contact you before your event.

How do we pick our music for the event?

We utilize a website for all pre-planning. Then four to six weeks before your event, you will meet with the Director of Events and lay out an itinerary. She is able to help you and fill in any blanks you may be having.

How much time would we need to reserve our event in advance?

Weddings usually will book at least 3 months in advance, but we do understand there are special circumstances. Quinceaneras are usually booked a year in advance.

How can we confirm our date is available?

The easiest way to confirm the services you want are available is to call the office. They can see if we have any drape, lighting, photo booths or DJs available for your date.

What if we want to reserve on short notice?

You should contact the office directly.

Are there packages of different services that we could book to save money?

Yes, we offer many different packages. When you have your meeting, you can discuss the services that you would like packaged.

How do we ensure the services we need are reserved for us?

After you decide to use our services, we will make a contract for you! We do require a deposit, however, the full balance is not due until 2 weeks before your event.

Please have any other questions written down for your meeting!