5 Tips To Keep Your Guests Happy During Your Reception

Your wedding: we know it’s a big deal, and everything should be absolutely perfect for you. But it is pretty important to remember your guests during your planning process. Here are 5 simple tips to keep your friends and family as happy as you are during your big day.

1. Opt for a Short Ceremony
If possible, try to keep your ceremony short and simple. The longer it is, the more the energy level decreases. If it’s in a separate place than your reception, it’s even possible to lose guests in between.
2. Limit your toasters
if your Dad or your maid of honor goes on for 5 minutes everyone will eventually lose interest. You should let your toasters know that no matter how entertaining, they need keep their speeches limit to 2-3 minutes.
3. Have announcements!
The best weddings are organized. Let your guests know what they should be doing, instead of leaving wondering what’s next or where they should go or what they should be doing. It makes everything more comfortable for everyone.
4. Hire a great DJ
It’s a fact, your entertainment can make or break a party. Find someone who is able to Emcee, who can play the music you want & will have as much fun as you do. Energy is key! (Or you know, you could just hire us!)
5. Allow Song Requests
let them request songs! Our DJs can usually work them in one way or another and it makes them feel special.


Thanks for reading!
Brittany Lindsey
Director of Events
Boyd’s Events

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