5 Questions You Should Ask When Booking Your DJ

As one of the only professional event DJ companies in Midland, we are prone to hearing horror stories from brides and parents who come to us after their DJs cancel on them or something like that. Sometimes DJs accidentally double book your date and can’t do both events, or sometimes they just disappear off the map between your initial meeting and your event. How scary! We always you can find someone who is a great fit for you.
That all being said, I think there are a few questions every person should ask when they’re booking any DJ or entertainer because it’s YOUR event!


1. Can we meet in person?

I know most of us don’t want to take the time out of our day to sit down and meet with a DJ, but if they say no, it should ring a few alarms. When Reed was first starting out, before he had an office, he’d ask people to meet at Rosa’s to get some face time in. It helps you grasp their personality! Our brides are welcome to call or pop in our office any time during office hours to ask any questions they have. They meet with Reed initially to discuss pricing and packages, then with me to iron out the itinerary and pick out music. After everything is ready, the DJ assigned to them calls them and walks through the itinerary and answers any and all questions. If our guys are asked to meet face to face before the event, they will try to make time to meet with our newlyweds-to-be.


2. What music styles do you play?

If you want some Texas country at your reception, you wouldn’t go to a DJ who loves playing 80s hairband. If you need cumbias and norteno music played, you probably wouldn’t book a DJ who specializes electronica & trance music. You need to discuss what you’re wanting, and if they don’t really know the music, I suggest a pass. We’ve all been a guest at a wedding where the DJ played what he thought was cool, and even though a ton of the guests made requests he didn’t change. Reed makes sure his DJs having a working knowledge of all the styles of music, from Rat Pack to Reggaeton. We know what you’re talking about, and we will play what you want.


3. Will you make announcements?

Some DJs don’t talk on the mic at all. Or if they do, it’s to try to get the crowd hyped up about the music and that’s great if that’s what you want!  However, Reed’s DJs are all awesome and unique because we are not afraid of the microphone. If guests are lost, they tend to not have fun. If guests know what they’re supposed to be doing it makes them loosen up. Think about it, have you ever been to a wedding where you walk into the reception and you don’t know whether you’re supposed to start the buffet line or maybe just sit, or if the bar is open… it’s just a little awkward. We like to eliminate that. We like happy people & happy brides. Announcements are also good at help photographers know when certain things are happening too, like cutting the cake, so you can get the pictures you want.


4. When will you get there?

You don’t want your DJ to show up half an hour before your wedding to start setting everything up. What if something goes wrong? What if they’re late? What if they forget something and they have to go back for it? You don’t want your music to start late because of poor planning. Boyd’s DJs tend to set up the equipment a few (or sometimes like, 6, just depending on the venue) hours early, do the sound check, then leave to get cleaned up and come back 30-40 minutes just to make sure everything is ready.


5. Is it possible for you to do our ceremony too?

If your ceremony & reception are at the same venue, why not ask? Some DJs don’t feel comfortable doing ceremonies, and for good reason. It’s probably the only time the whole day people will actually stop talking and listen to what’s going on! Reed’s DJs are all very familiar with ceremonies since we all do them so often. We mic your officiant so everyone can hear, and we can even help you pick out songs if you just draw a blank (it’s actually really common to have no clue about what song you want your bridesmaids to walk down to, so don’t feel too stressed!)


Do you have any other questions you think are important to ask?? Comment below!

Until next time, folks!
Brittany Lindsey
Director of Events
Boyd’s Events

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